Summer 2022 was a busy period for us here at Whitefurze. After experiencing a summer of record-breaking temperatures across the UK and Europe, we saw a boom in demand for watering products as gardeners scrambled to find alternative methods of keeping their gardens from perishing amid hosepipe bans and drought warnings.

August saw the announcement of hosepipe bans from 6 water companies including Southern and South East Water who supply to Hampshire, The Isle of Wight, Kent and Sussex.

Welsh Waters ban covered Pembrokeshire and parts of Carmarthenshire, as well as South West water who introduced their ban in Cornwall and parts of North Devon on 23rd August.

Thames Water imposed a ban affecting 10 million customers across the South of England on 24th August whilst Yorkshire Water announced their ban a few days later on the 26th. These bans are set to be in place until further notice, as suppliers keep a close eye on reservoir levels due to a lack of rain across the country between April – June 2022.

The effectiveness of Water Butts and their role in encouraging re – use of water in the home and garden became a trending conversation during the driest July since 1911. Water companies urged users to become sustainable gardeners by ditching the hosepipe to save resources and money.

It is understood that purchasing a water butt could help save up to 24,000L of water per household! With the average person in the UK using 150L of water each day, by saving water you’ll be saving energy, reducing our carbon emissions and on your way to living a cleaner, greener life.

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