We've all heard of spring cleaning but actually, autumn is also a great time to revisit the flow of your home and stay on top of organisation. As the winter draws in keeping your home orderly, relaxing and free of clutter is important as we prepare ourselves to spend more time indoors with family and loved ones. 

Although not always easy to do, decluttering is important for the functionality of your home. Starting with shared family spaces is an easy way to begin your journey to organisation. Categorising toys, games and electronics into separate boxes means that everything has its own home leaving no question where things should be put straight away. 

As the weather changes, ensuring that only seasonally appropriate clothing is taking up space in your wardrobe is vital. Say goodbye to sandal and linen items and hello to jumpers, trousers and outerwear. Under the bed storage is the most convenient and protective way to keep your seasonal switch over as easy as possible. 

Chose from transparent storage, so you can see what is inside at a glance, or vibrant boxes to suit the interior of your home. Let Whitefurze storage solutions take the stress off you this autumn. 

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